Monday, 20 January 2014

Wedded Wonderland Social Media Seminar- Australia Wide

Wedded Wonderland has heard so many people say ‘I use Facebook and Instagram but I’m pretty sure I have no idea what I’m doing’ or ‘I think I use it right but why don’t I have many followers’.

If you know what the Social Media Seminar is all about and want to purchase your ticket/s price is $325 pp exc. GST. Please follow this link to 

Who is Wedded Wonderland?  


Australia's largest Wedding Blogger!
Wedded Wonderland has been focusing on Social Media for the Wedding Industry since 2012 Collectively we have built over 1,000,000 genuine followers for the Wedding Industry :)  

We currently have 391,971 followers on Facebook and 97,726 followers on Instagram and growing every day! November 2012 we had 1,000 followers on Facebook. It takes the right approach to build a genuine following & online presence for your business... the proof is in the pudding (mmm pudding ;)

Wendy, Wedded Wonderland founder has a degree in Education and has trained over 100 Wedding Businesses in Social Media specifically focusing on building real, genuine, active and engaged followers. 

We have worked with a number of Social Media Specialist agencies in identifying what is of prime importance to focus on for our industry (We certainly don't want to be talking theory for 3 hours, you will learn what is most valuable and important!) G Squared is our social media partner and will be around to answer all your technical questions!
We decided to kick start 2014 focusing on the fundamentals! As you know Social Media has taken over the Wedding World! 

What is this Social Media Seminar about? 


1.  What is Social Media and what Social Media platforms are important for the Wedding Industry
2. Instagram and Facebook fundamentals, how to make your life easier using Social Media (I can't wait to explain the importance of a HASHTAG!)
3. Content marketing! The who, what, when, where and why’s of Social Media, creating a voice for your business (knowing what to post is extremely important!)
4. How to build an active and engaged following through Facebook and Instagram

When is it taking place?


We are hosting two social media seminars per City.
The maximum numbers for each session is 25 people as we are taking a hands on approach to training, mobile phones are a must (the teacher in me cringes a little at allowing phone play in class ;)!

Dates and times are as follows;
(details of location are available upon ticket purchase)

Sydney: Monday, February 3rd
Brisbane: Monday, February 17th
Melbourne: Monday, February 24th
Adelaide: Monday, March 3rd
Sydney: Monday, March 24th

Why are we doing this? 


We receive a lot of questions from the Wedding & Events Industries on how social media works, how to engage followers, how to advertise, the list goes on!

'It has always been a passion of mine to educate (I am a Teacher by profession) I feel it is necessary to pass on the informative, accurate and easy to follow information to the industry in order for them to flourish in the Social Media world as well as understand how to engage with the right audience'

Our Posse

We have introduced some fabulous wedding folk we have worked with as Guest Speakers to the seminars so you can really get a feel of how they started and how social media is working for their business, read more-

Who have we worked with? 


Follow this link to purchase your ticket/s
We will contact you with further information upon registration.  

Feel free to email us should you have any questions at all or buzz us on (02) 8004 2233

Much love, Wedded Wonderland xx

Monday, 13 January 2014

Wedded Wonderland 2014 Social Media Seminars- Wedding Industry Guest Speakers

We have been lucky enough to work with some of the best in the Australian Wedding Industry. We thought it might be a great idea to introduce Guest Speakers to our 2014 Wedded Wonderland Social Media Seminars, from the Wedding Industry, for the Wedding Industry. We have worked with these amazing ladies on Social Media strategies and campaigns watching their businesses grow both online and offline. Read their stories, I'm sure many Wedding Businesses large and small can relate to their Social Media journeys!  



3rd Feb 2014

Guest Speaker- Viktoria Novak Millinery
@ REGUS: Levels 4, 5 & 12 Plaza Building, Australia Square, 95 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000 

Multi-award winning milliner, Viktoria Novak specialises in bridal and special occasional head-wear. Viktoria has gained a rapid reputation as one of Australia's premier millinery designers. Viktoria’s designs are highly renowned for their unique signature, with each piece beautifully and elegantly hand crafted with quality finishes in the most luxurious materials. Viktoria has been in the industry for over 8 years, originally starting her business in Canberra before moving to Sydney in 2012. Viktoria’s design philosophy is simple! Each creation is as individual as the client - unique, masterfully hand-crafted and detailed to absolute perfection!

When I first got introduced to social media, I’ll be honest… I was nervous! I didn’t understand it and I was unsure about it. What happens if someone makes a rude comment, what happens if people don’t like my photos, how will I reach out to people? So many questions, and none of it at the time made any sense. I started my business profile page on all forms of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and much more. As each day passed, more and more people began to follow my social media pages, more people were interacting and more people were talking about my business. Social media is like a drug, you become more and more addicted to it especially when people tell you how inspirational your pages are and how they just love seeing pictures of real brides, headpieces in the making and just inspirational images that provide brides with ideas. 

When I moved to Sydney in 2012, I knew I had to start my business again, taking on the big smoke in an industry with amounts of talent. How would Sydney, Australia and overseas know about Viktoria Novak? That same year, I discovered Wedded Wonderland, a page with so much inspiration and a large following. I began to see the power social media has and the way clients were able to interact instantly all via this new tool. Wedded Wonderland was kind enough to feature Australian designers and one of our designs was posted on their Facebook and Instagram pages. It reached over 300,000 of their followers, was shared countless times and overnight the image generated over 200 genuine fans to our page and our likes continued to grow each day. It also generated numerous new inquiries from real brides inquiring about our couture bridal headpiece range. 

Having a taste of what Wedded Wonderland could offer we decided to do social media training with Wendy and her team, which has proven to be a key successful move in growing our business and taking it to the next level. We learnt the importance of knowing when to post, how to engage the right audience and how to get our fans to engage with us on a daily and regular basis. Listening to your client is one of the most important key assets in any business and Wendy showed us how we could achieve this. Wedded Wonderland is a one stop page for your wedding inspiration, nearly every second bride that walks into our boutique studio is a Wedded Wonderland fan, and if she isn’t already we are sure to let her know about it there and then! 


17th Feb 2014

Guest Speaker- Melissa Sassine Make Up Artistry
@ REGUS: Lvl 18, Riverside Centre, 123 Eagle street, Brisbane QLD

Voted 2013 WEOA Award (Wedding Events of Australia) makeup artist of the year, Melissa Sassine is in high demand for her bridal makeup styling in Sydney. She has been flown nationally & internationally for her craft with her brides dressed by the likes of Elie Saab, Very Wang, Collete Dinnigan and Australian favourite Steven Khalil. Melissa Sassine is one of Sydney's most sort after makeover experts, renowned for her celebrity inspired makeovers and specialising in 'the makeup worlds latest craze' highlighting and contouring. 

Melissa takes a holistic approach to beauty- as a qualified makeup artist, beauty therapist, brow specialist & a nationally recognised/ accredited trainer, now offering makeup workshops for beginners & master workshops for the advanced.

I now have over 30,000 followers on Social Media and owe much of my commitment to Social Media to Wendy. She taught me about peak times, content, tone and language, imagery and most importantly how to communicate my business on a day to day basis through Instagram and Facebook. Once I got the hang of it I became addicted. Not to the numbers, but to the response I was getting from my followers. It was truly overwhelming and inspiring to hear from people who loved my work. It's such an important part of my business and to be honest I don't think I could live without it! 


24th Feb 2014

Guest Speaker- Natalie Anne Hair
@ REGUS: Lvl 27, Rialto South Tower, 525 Collins street, Melbourne 3000

Celebrity hair stylist Natalie Anne is renowned for her red carpet finish. Specializing in vintage shapes with a modern twist inspired by beautiful women through the ages including Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo and Marilyn Monroe.
With over 45,000 followers on Social Media, Natalie Anne has become one of Sydney's elite Hair stylist, with a love of fashion and hair, Natalie Anne has a modern take on old school favourites.. 
Natalie Anne has an impressive clientele of high-end fashion labels and celebrity clients. 
Styling the likes of Jesinta Campbell, Stephanie Rice The Potbelleez, Urban-Pop Artist- Prinnie (THE VOICE) and The Rogue Traders- Melinda Jackson, and list goes on. 
With her editorial work featured in such media as Vogue (Italian), Culture, Fashion Journal, Who and Daily telegraph. 
Guest expert on Sunrise Channel 7, Today Tonight and Mornings.
I love hair to look effortlessly dressed; good hair will frame your face and compliment your style. 
Your hair is an extension of you – Natalie Anne

I remember Wendy explaining the importance of Social Media to me in 2012, I listened but didn't give it much attention. She kept saying to me, Nat you will grow. You will be surprised at who follows you, what their feedback is, what kind of brides you will attract and the list goes on... I gave in to Wedded Wonderland when Wendy posted a couple of my images on her page. I literally freaked out at the response. I couldn't believe the numbers, I couldn't believe the influx of messages to my inbox enquiring about availability and price. My social media following has opened doors for my business I didn't know existed, particularly from an international point of view. I am in the process of developing an online store and launching online education based on the following I have built through my social media platforms. I am grateful for listening and learning, I have built brand recognition and awareness through Social Media and continue to learn every day the value it has for my business. 


3rd March 2014

@ Hotel Richmond: 128 Rundle Mall Adelaide South Australia 5000

For me learning about social media has been exciting but challenging. 
Wendy definitely made the whole process much easier.
She is amazing at explaining it all in a way that is easier to understand. 
Wendy is a great teacher.

I've had my business for 30 years and have been working in my industry...decorating events and weddings and selling flowers for all occasions,  for more than 40 years. 
I never get over the fact that every year there is some sort of new business challenge.

Being able to adapt to these changes/challenges is crucial if a business, particularly small business, is to survive.
I knew I had to embrace social media and did not know where to start.  
Lucky for us Steven Khalil introduced us to Wendy and Wedded Wonderland. 

Wendy has taught us that Facebook and Instagram are particularly valuable assets in the wedding industry. 
They are the quickest way for us to show the fabulous photos of our work.
It is much easier to store the photos on Facebook and Instagram than to make constant changes to our website.
It is also fabulous for networking with, and supporting, all of favourite business friends in the same industry. 
There really are some wonderful businesses out there which we are so proud to work with.
Those businesses share the same passion and uncompromising quality of work.
Learning new social media skills will be an ongoing challenge and I know I still have  a lot to learn.  
It is comforting to know that Wendy is always there to help us when necessary.
Now social media has become become fun, although it can be rather time-consuming , if you let it!  



24th March 2014

Guest Speaker- Rachael Bentick, Wedding Presenter & Expert, Inlighten Photography

Rachael has been in the wedding industry for over 10 years and as one of the driving forces in the industry, knows the in's and out's of what makes a bride's day perfect.

She is an expert in not only in wedding  photography knowledge, but all things related to weddings. As the Director of the multi award winning studio Inlighten Photography, Rachael has used her degrees in Marketing and Accounting to steer Inlighten to being one of the top studios in Australia. 

The combination of NIDA training in television presenting with a love for all things weddings, makes Rachael the obvious choice for hosting Wedding Industry related events.
To begin with Social Media and Facebook was really something I personally just watched as a spectator. Over a couple of years Inlighten’s fan base steadily grew simply through uploading a Sneak Peak from each wedding and providing that to our couples as a means by which to share their photos with family and friends. 

As a husband and wife team we knew we wanted to better harness the power of Social Media, but we were conflicted as to the best way to do it.  Plus we both had different levels of social media knowledge.  So for us, Wedded Wonderland provided the training we both needed to get us to the same level, and then helped us to develop a Social Media Strategy that we felt comfortable with implementing. Our goal wasn’t to create the largest fan base, and we were concerned about bombarding our clients to too many updates.  Instead Wedded Wonderland helped us to understand the role that regular posting plays in staying Top Of Mind on Facebook, in addition to working towards our studio’s personal goals. These were, to credit the other suppliers we work with to assist in Word of Mouth being generated about us, to reach more brides specifically in Australia, and of course to show everyone how beautiful our photos are - and give them something in their newsfeed to make them smile!  I now refer couples to our Facebook Page more often than our website, and they walk in the door better informed about our style, more inspired by our work and closer to making the decision to book our photography.


Wedded Wonderland has also signed G Squared as the official Social Media Agency to support and respond to your requests as part of these seminars.

G Squared is a digital marketing agency with a strong focus on social media. We specialise in creative social media campaigns, targeted to your market, which deliver outstanding results. We are experienced across all major social media outlets, and will implement campaigns with one focus in mind; virality. We have in-house capabilities to build custom Facebook applications to handle these promotions, put together and implement social media strategies, and manage social media advertising spend to ensure your ads are reaching the correct audience.

For more information relating to Wedded Wonderland's Social Media Seminars please email

Follow this link to register your interest